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6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

How to Know You’ve Reached The Tipping Point On AC Repairs

Even the most well-maintained air conditioner will reach the end of its lifecycle at some point. Like a car, there comes a time when sinking more money in for repairs each season is actually more costly than investing in a full replacement. A new unit with a manufacturer’s warranty, and in many cases attractive energy tax credits, may be the way to go. 

Here are 6 signs that it may be time for a full AC system upgrade.

  1. Frequent breakdowns. We love to see our customers, but if we are out to your house for more than just seasonal system maintenance each year due to frequent breakdowns, a replacement AC unit should be considered. We would rather see the money you do invest in your HVAC system going toward a new unit under warranty that will provide comfort in your home for much less cost and much higher energy efficiency.


  1. Air conditioner is more than 10 years old. Chances are if you are experiencing frequent breakdowns, your system is more than ten years old. A properly maintained air conditioner can be expected to last about 15 years. If it’s been under the care of One Hour Heating and Air, you may get a few years past the average lifecycle. If your system has been in your home for more than a decade and you haven’t done seasonal tuneups or maintenance, call us today for a comprehensive inspection to fully assess the health of your AC unit. 


  1. Air conditioner is inefficient. If your air conditioner has a low SEER rating, it can cost you a lot of money to operate it. Currently, newly manufactured air conditioners must have a SEER rating of at least 13. If your air conditioner’s SEER rating is below 13, you can cut back on your energy costs by replacing it with a new, more efficient unit.


  1. You’re facing expensive repairs. This goes hand-in-hand with all the other points. If the repairs you face now are more than 20% of the cost of a new unit, and you’ve experienced other repairs within the last year or two, it makes more financial sense to replace your AC unit. Chances are the expensive repair you’re facing today will lead to another sooner rather than later. 


  1. Air conditioner uses R22 Freon. Freon is being phased out by the federal government in order to conserve energy nationwide. As a result, the costs of Freon are rising exponentially. If your air conditioner uses Freon, you’ll have to replace it eventually in order to switch over to the new refrigerant (R410-A). If you’re having major problems with your air conditioner, especially if they involve the need for more Freon, it’s probably a good time to replace your unit. 


  1. Your home isn’t comfortable. The previous five signs lead to this; do you have a hard time keeping your home cool and comfortable? The bottom line is that you are paying each month for the power to run your AC system and if it is not operating at peak efficiency, you are losing money with every utility payment. You are also losing out on the full benefit of cool, climate controlled air during the warmer months of the year. If you’ve already spent a notable amount on repairs and this has not improved your home’s comfort level, then now is the time to make a change. 


One Hour Heating and Air can provide a free consultation on the AC system that will work best for your home’s size and usage demands. We can also provide financing options that will make this important investment easier to handle. 

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