Air Conditioning Repair in Oakboro

When the heat gets cranked up outside, the last thing you want to deal with is a stuffy, hot home on the inside. Whenever you need air conditioning repair in Oakboro, turn to the professionals with  One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Charlotte. We’ll handle whatever type of AC repair help you need so that you are cool and comfortable.

Signs You Need AC Repair

While most cooling systems are built to last a long time, eventually they will encounter some problems. Typically, though, an AC unit will give you an indication that something’s wrong before failing completely. Here are some of the warning signs that can tell you air conditioning repair in Oakboro is necessary.

  • The unit doesn’t emit any cool air.
  • Your outside or inside units make strange noises.
  • You notice odd smells coming from your system.
  • Your energy bill suddenly spikes and you don’t know why.
  • There are rooms in your home or office that are warmer or cooler than others.

You should call a professional at the first sign of a problem to make sure that your AC repair is handled correctly the first time. If you try this type of work to save a few bucks, you could be making a huge mistake. Not only could you easily make an error that could injure you or someone else, that error could also necessitate a very expensive air conditioning repair in Oakboro. Take that risk out of the equation by having an expert take care of your system. We always perform our work in total compliance with applicable codes to ensure safety and reliability. Please don’t ever try to perform your own AC repair. Even if you have a great deal of experience and the right tools and equipment, the risks will greatly outweigh any potential benefits. Make the smart choice and choose  One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Charlotte  instead for your air conditioning repair in Oakboro. Contact us online or give us a call at    to schedule an appointment and we’ll take care of your issue quickly and efficiently. We not only serve Oakboro, but also Locust, Kannapolis, Salisbury and several other nearby communities.