Air Conditioning Repair in York

When the temperature gets cranked up outside, the last thing you want to have to deal with is being hot and miserable inside because you need air conditioning repair in York. Thankfully, you can turn to  One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Charlotte for whatever type of AC repair you may need. Whether you just have a capacitor that needs to be replaced or you have extensive compressor problems, we’ll treat you and your property with the utmost respect.

Warning Signs that You Need AC Repair

Thankfully, in most instances a cooling system will give you some signs that you need to call an expert for air conditioning repair in York. Be alert to these signs and you may save yourself a great deal of misery and frustration.

  • You hear strange sounds coming from the unit.
  • You notice odd smells from either the inside or outside units.
  • Your system is either not cooling sufficiently or not providing any cooling at all.
  • Your energy bill has spiked and you have no idea why.
  • Your inside temperature is never at what you set your thermostat.

There are many instances where we can handle an AC repair quickly and affordably. However, there are other times where an air conditioning repair in York won’t make a lot of financial sense. For instance, if you continually have refrigerant leaks you may want to consider purchasing a new system. Older units use Freon as their refrigerant, but Freon is being phased out by the government because of its detrimental effects on the environment. The more often you need to get a Freon recharge, the more expensive it will get because it will be harder to find. If you should need an air conditioning replacement in York, Tega Cay, Rock Hill or anywhere else in the area, we’ll come out and recommend the best system for your needs. It’s very important that you get the right size system for two main reasons. If it is too small, it will have to work too hard to cool your home. This will raise your cooling bills unnecessarily and shorten the lifespan of the unit. However, if the system is too large, it won’t do a good enough job of taking humidity out of your home. Let the pros with  One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating  handle your AC repair. Regardless of how minor or extensive your air conditioning repair in York may be, we’ll have it handled as quickly as possible so that you are once again cool and comfortable. Contact us online or call us to set an appointment.