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Does Humidity Affect Air Conditioners?

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As you know, your HVAC is a complicated system. It can be affected by many different things, but plenty of folks don’t understand that humidity is one of the biggest factors and ask themselves, does humidity affect air conditioners?

Yes, humidity. If your house is too humid, then you’re going to have higher bills and have to replace your A/C unit that much quicker. However, if you learn all about humidity and HVAC, then you can save time and save money!

Keep going to discover how humidity affects your HVAC system.

Top 5 Tips to Extend Your Air Conditioner Life Expectancy

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Your A/C unit is one of the cornerstones of life as a homeowner. And if that thing breaks, life gets real bad, real fast: you spend your time hot and sweaty until you buy a new one…and then you’re sweating for new reasons when you see the price tag! This is why you’ll want to make your A/C last as long as possible. We’ve put together five great tips to help extend your air conditioner life expectancy!

What to do When Your Air Conditioner Runs Constantly But Doesn’t Cool Well

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Summer is right around the corner. You know what that means. It’s time for barbecue, beaches, and…baking in your own house? While being cooked inside your own home isn’t on anyone’s agenda, it can happen easily enough if you have an air conditioning unit that needs maintenance, repair, or replacement. Too often we have to ask ourselves what to do when the air conditioner runs constantly but doesn’t cool well.

It’s important to identify the warning signs of your A/C unit early on. One of the biggest warning signs is that it is constantly running and almost never turning off. By figuring out what is causing that problem, you can figure out how to get your air conditioning unit fixed.

Keep reading to discover some of the likeliest causes of your A/C unit constantly running!

How to Know When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

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In many ways, your air conditioning unit is the most important appliance in your home. It helps make life more livable in the warmer months and basically affects how comfortable you and your whole family are throughout the year.

That’s why it’s important to keep the AC in good, working order. You’ll need to know what some of the warning signs are that you should watch out for. Knowing what these signs are lets you know when to replace your air conditioner!

Keep reading to discover the main signs you should be watching out for!

How to Save On Energy Bill in Summer Months

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Summer electricity bills got you down in the dumps when you should be having fun in the sun? Are you wondering how to save on energy bill in summer months? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Keep reading to discover five ways to reduce your electric bill this summer!

What is Aeroseal Duct Sealing and How Can It Benefit You?

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Ducts are used for distributing air throughout your home so that your HVAC doesn’t work too hard. Your HVAC system will be forced to work extra hard to keep your home comfortable when you have poorly connected or sealed ducts. Poorly sealed ducts allow air to get lost. In other words, duct leaks lead to spending more money on cooling and heating your home. The few extra dollars you spend might not seem like a lot of money, but it adds up quickly on your utility bills! Therefore, it’s prudent to ensure that your conditioned air doesn’t escape through some unnecessary pesky ductwork in your home by using the Aeroseal duct sealing method.

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